Solar Energy is Great for the Environment


Why is Solar Energy Good for the Environment? Although many homeowners opt to make the switch to solar energy as a way to save money on their electricity bills, the environmental benefits of solar energy are also a major selling point. For a family looking to “go green” and reduce their overall carbon footprint and…

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Step-By-Step Guide to Installing Solar Panels


Solar Panel Installation: A Step-By-Step Guide If you have considered switching to solar energy in your home, you’ve probably wondered how the solar panels are installed. As you might expect, it’s not as simple as attaching the panels to your roof and connecting them to an electrical panel. It’s actually a rather complex process, one…

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Find Out if Your Home is Eligible for Solar Energy


Is Your Home Eligible for the Benefits of Solar Energy? Solar energy is appealing to many homeowners thanks to its ability to lower electricity bills with a renewable resource, but that fact is, not all homes are ideally suited to going solar. That doesn’t mean that if you live a rainy climate like the Pacific…

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Quick Facts You Didn’t Know About Solar Energy


Interesting Facts About Solar Energy You May Not Know What do you know about solar power? If you’re like most people, you can probably identify solar panels, and know that they collect energy from the sun for electricity, but little more beyond that. Don’t worry – you aren’t alone. But if you read on, you’ll…

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